Three Losses

About the Film:

Rahul, 23 years old, from Mumbai, comprehends what loss means to people by starting off his own exploration of what he lost by moving to a different country. Over time, his travels also led him to meet several Tibetan refugees who are trying to reinvigorate their culture in Dharamshala, India through ‘Ache Lhamo’, the Tibetan Opera. Shimi Dolkar and Cho Gyaltsen are two contemporary Tibetan performers who connect to the loss of their country through their art.


Rahul visits Paris to cherish the places his best friend visited, who recently passed away.He meets Florence Galinier, a 35 year old graphic designer, who lost her to-be fiance, Joseph Leon, a famous singer-songwriter in Paris.

Rahul interviews several people as ‘talking heads’ to describe in words what loss means to them.


A personal, social and contemporary exploration of what loss means to people in different walks of life and how they get over it through their art or work.


Shimi Dolkar, Cho Gyaltsen, Florence Galinier, Diane Mérigeot, Laura Lippie, Matthias Durant,

John Ullysses Mitchell, Louis Gaston, Anthony,

Rahul Sharma (as himself). 

Runtime: TBD

Year of Production: 2019 

Country of Production: UK, France, India, U.K., Italy.

Writer/Director: Rahul Sharma 

Producer: Jacopo Rosso Ciufoli & Rahul Sharma

Cinematographer: Rahul Sharma 

Second Unit Cinematographer: Nicholas Compall

Music: Joseph Leon, TBD. 

Film Editing: Rahul Sharma 

Special Thanks: Melodie Lamotte D'Incamps

Production Company: Intervallo Productions,

Magic Lantern Productions. 

© 2020 by Rahul Sharma