Story of a Lonely Goldfish


The journey of a young boy named Rahul whose only solace and connect to his inner world is his goldfish. The story explores how both of their lives get miraculously intertwined in search for their existential quest.

Starring:  Parthh Arora, Shishir Sharma, Savita Prabhune 

Runtime: 20.00 

Year of Production: 2015 

Country of Production: India

Writer/Director: Rahul Sharma 

Producer: Rajita Sharma, Vivek Budakoti

Executive Producer: Ajay Singh

Cinematographer: Lalit Sahoo

Music: Paresh Shah

Film Editing: Sameer Arora

Production Company: Magic Lantern Productions

                                          Film Festival Screenings:

Vancouver International South Asian Film Festival, 2015 Vancouver (CA) | World Premiere.  

South Asian International Film Festival, 2015 | New York (USA) | American Premiere | BFI Travel Grant List Featured Festival

Children's Film Festival Seattle, 2016 | Seattle (USA) | Washington Premiere

Children's International Film Festival, 2016 | Dubai, Sharjah (UAE) |

Asian Premiere

Torrecinos Film Festival, 2017 | Panama City (Panama) | Panama Premiere

International Children's Film Festival, Bangladesh, 2018. |

Dhaka (Bangladesh) | Bangladesh Premiere

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