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San Francisco (2020)



An essayist exploration of San Francisco on 35mm photographs as a "metaphorical lady" with its "several districts."

Director's Statement:

I found it poetic to refer to San Francisco as a "lady" where all "districts" would be its "separate body parts." The heart of the city, Chinatown; the hidden gem tucked away in her pockets, Japantown, the legs, Mission District with its grooving Latin roots or the districts of pleasure parts of one's body, Castro.

Watching the works of the "Left-Bank filmmakers" such as Agnès Varda's Salut Les Cubains and Chris Marker's La Jetée, inspired to me to rethink the art of storytelling. This essayist, experimental photo-documentary would fit somewhere in the "Art Gallery" description of Paul Schrader's Transcendental style in film: Ozu, Bresson, Dreyer (1972), reworked later to contain many other directors. Just like the same, this is my exploration of using a rather innovative non-narrative style to explore different communes within a city.

Directed, 35mm photographs and narration: 

Rahul Sharma

Music: Serena di Pinto ("Encrucijada")

Starring: Nicholas Compall, the people of San Francisco.

Developed & Scanned at Photoworks, Castro.

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