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Born and brought up in the small, industrial town, Kanpur, Rahul immigrated to the bustling metropolis Mumbai in his teenage years. Storytelling comes naturally to him through folklore and the unique ambit of a small-town upbringing by his grandparents. Seamlessly, surreal, strange territories of adulthood experiences fascinate him, too.  

Recently, at the age of 23, Rahul obtained his Masters in Filmmaking from The London Film School. For his thesis graduation film, he shot in Paris and Val d'Oise in France.

"Une Paire de Jumelles" (2019) was the official selection for BAFTA-Cymru qualifying "Carmarthen Bay Film Festival" (2020), Manchester International Short and Animation Film Festival (2020), Imagine India International Film Festival (2020), Euroshorts Young FIlmmakers (2019), FIDEC Tetouan (2019), Tallahassee Film Festival (2020) amongst others. 

Paris fascinated him with its concept of freedom and liberty. Currently in the last stages of post-production, his feature-length documentary "Three Losses" is a personal, social and psychological culmination of his journey and several people he has encountered. Amongst them is Florence Galinier, who lost her singer-songwriter, fiance, Joseph Leon and organised a tribute concert for him. The documentary is shot in India, the UK and France. (Expected to be ready by the end of 2020)

Consequently, he also experimented with the essayist-film form after being inspired by the works of Chris Marker and Agnes Varda, namely Salut Les Cubains. His short-documentary "Conversations with San Francisco" is an allegorical representation of the city as a "woman" and its various districts as "parts of her body."

His versatility also culminated in his short stint at "Better Photography Magazine" in India where he interviewed David Fokos and wrote articles on the late Simon Marsden. He also got the opportunity to write about the "Nepal Photo Project" which included snippets and insights from many image-makers working in the subcontinent after the devastating earthquake.


He was also exposed to the commercial and market-driven aspects of television working as an associate writer

(for over 100 episodes) on the television show "Patiala Babes" that featured on Sony TV, India.   

During his time in London, he directed a music video for Christopher Haul's song, "Something's Changed" in accordance to the brief of summertime "Los Angeles-vibes" in the otherwise gloomy city. 


Additionally, Rahul also likes to notch up film reviews and write theoretical papers on film form, history and movements. Furthermore, he is interested to pursue a research degree as well as a PhD in cinema. 


" I prefer holding a mirror to society rather than to break it."

- when a friend asked me what cinema means to me



In my free time, one would fine me preparing vegan chai and munching on gluten-free biscuits.

Interestingly, I love making new acquaintances 

(not just to shoot their faces, I promise!)

*pun intended*  

Film Influences:

Kryzystof Kieslowski

Abbas Kiarostami

Theo Angelopoulous

Louis Malle

Agnes Varda

Chris Marker

Andrei Tarkovsky

Sergei Parajanov

Satyajit Ray

Lynne Ramsay 

Charlie Chaplin

Michaelangelo Antonioni

Pier Paolo Pasolini

Adoor Gopalakrishnan

Art Influences:

Diego Velasquez, Caravaggio, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Berthe Marie Pauline Morisot, Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes, Fillipo Lippi, Michelangelo,

Leonardo da Vinci.  


- Three Losses (2020). Feature Documentary. Director/Director of Photography/Editor/Co-Producer.

   Magic Lantern Productions/Intervallo Productions. (India/UK/France) 

Conversations with San Francisco. (2020). Documentary Short. Narrator/Director/Photography (35mm). (USA/India) 

- Patiala Babes (2019-20). Associate Writer. TV Series. Katha Kottage/Sony Entertainment Television. (India) 

- Une Paire de Jumelles/The Binoculars (2019). Narrative Short. Writer/Director, Co-Producer. The London Film School. (France/UK)

- Inconclusive (2019). Producer/Assistant Director. The London Film School. (USA/UK)

- Walter, the Dog (2019). Art Director. The London Film School. (UK)

- Suburban Curiosity (2019). Assistant Director. The London Film School. (UK)

- Cocoon (2018). Director of Photography. The London Film School. (UK).

- Play On (2018). Lighting/Camera Department (Second AC/Grip). The London Film School (UK)

- Emergency Exit (2018). Light Dept. (Spark). The London Film School (UK).

- Wires (2017). Camera Operator. The London Film School. (UK)

- Something's Changed (2017). Music Video. Director. Christopher Haul/Banana Records. (UK)

- Zero (2017). Sound Recordist. The London Film School. (UK)

- Static (2017). Editor/Assistant Director. The London Film School. (UK)

- Black Coffee (2017). Lighting Dept: Spark. The London Film School (UK)

- UB-13. (2017). Lighting Dept: Spark. The London Film School (UK)

- Sand Borders. (2016) (16mm film). Short. Director of Photography. The London Film School. (UK)

- Story of a Lonely Goldfish (2015). Narrative Short. Writer/Director. Magic Lantern Productions (India)

- Gangaa. (2014-15) Associate Screenplay Writer. TV Series. Sphere Origins. (India)

- Pied Piper. (2013). Post-Production Assistant to Director. Feature Film. Magic Lantern Productions (India) 


  Film Screenings/Film Festivals

- Carmarthen Bay Film Festival (2020). BAFTA-Cymru Qualifying. The Binoculars/Une Paire de Jumelles [COVID- Online Edition]

- Tallahassee Film Festival (2020). Tallahassee, USA. The Binoculars/Une Paire de Jumelles [COVID-Cancellation]

- Imagine India International Film Festival. (2020). Madrid, Spain. The Binoculars/Une Paire de Jumelles [COVID- Postponed/Online]

- Kinoflo Manchester International Short Film and Animation Film Festival. (2020) Manchester, UK. The Binoculars/Une Paire de Jumelles  [COVID-Postponed]

- Chennai International Short Film Festival. (2020). Chennai, India. The Binoculars/Une Paire de Jumelles. (15th Feb' 2020)

- British Film Institute Screening: London Film School Graduation Showcase [NFT 3] (24th Jan' 2020) 

- International Film School Festival-FIDEC. (2019) Tetouan, Morocco. The Binoculars/Une Paire de Jumelles. (28th Nov' 2019)

- Euroshorts Young Filmmakers. (2019). Gdansk, Poland. The Binoculars/Une Paire de Jumelles. (28th Nov' 2019) 

- Alexandria Film Festival (2019). Alexandria, Virginia, USA. The Binoculars/Une Paire de Jumelles (10th Nov. 2019)

- Dublin Independent Film Festival [Nominee: Best Screenwriting; Won: Special Mention- Best Screenwriting]

- Children's Film Festival Bangladesh. (2018) Dhaka, Bangladesh. Story of a Lonely Goldfish (27th Jan' 2018)

- Torrecinos Film Festival (2017). Panama City, Panama. Story of a Lonely Goldfish.

- International Children's Film Festival (2016). Dubai, UAE. Story of a Lonely Goldfish. (April 2016)

- Northwest Film Forum's Children Film Festival (2016). Seattle, Washington, USA. Story of a Lonely Goldfish. (24th Jan' 2016)

- HBO's South Asian International Film Festival (2015).(Featured in BFI Festival Travel Grant List) New York, USA.

  Story of a Lonely Goldfish (12th Dec' 2015)

- Vancouver International South Asian Film Festival (2015). Vancouver, USA [Opening Short, along with Anurag Kashyap's Ugly]

  Story of a Lonely Goldfish (30th Oct 2015)


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- Indie Short Magazine (4.1/5 Stars) The Binoculars/Une Paire de Jumelles 

- UK Film Review {Chris Olsen] (5/5 stars) The Binoculars/Une Paire de Jumelles.


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