Writer/Director, Filmmaker/Photographer 

  Showreel (2019) 

The Binoculars 
                                    dir.Rahul Sharma
Cadence runs away during an unwanted road trip with her mother. Looking through her binoculars leads her to an unexpected meeting with two refugees.
 Three Losses 

An essayist exploration of San Francisco as a Lady where all "districts" would be its "separate body parts." The heart of the city, Chinatown; the hidden gem tucked away in her pockets, Japantown, the legs, Mission District with its grooving Latin roots or the districts of pleasure parts of one's body, Castro.

The city offers to be a melting pot.

  Short (2019) 

  Documentary- Short (2020) 

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  Conversations with San Francisco   (2020) (Official Trailer)  

 Trailer (2020) 

  Une Paire de Jumelles/ 
 The Binoculars (Official Trailer) 

 Trailer (2019) 

 Portraits (Photography) (2019) 


 Street/Documentation (Photography) (2017-18) 

 Street/Portraits/Cityscapes (Photography) (2019-20) 

  Dharamshala: A Meditative World
 in the Himalayas 
  The American Trip  
Siddhant Bhosle
[Los Angeles]

 Portraits (Photography) (2019-20) 



Filmmaker with versatile experience of working on shorts, documentaries and music videos. Portraits and street photography also are an added skill, along with editing and filming. Commercially, I've written for television soaps and photography magazines.


The London Film School

(Warwick University, UK): MA Filmmaking

Softwares: Adobe Premiere Pro, Pro Tools (sound editing),

Avid Media Composer, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom

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